Cattle Hoof Trimming 

With farming getting busier and busier, and good staff hard to find and keep, the need for good, reliable livestock services has never been greater.
After trimming countless cows as a mobile foot timmer for 6 years, in 2016 I found myself in the position to start up on my own.

Routine visits

As proven, prevention is better than cure. Keeping lameness under control, trimming not just the lame cows but cows at drying off and at 100 days in milk is one option, while some farmers prefer to trim the whole herd every 4 -6 months. Both methods work with the right trimmer.

Odd and Sods

There are some farms that prefer to just 'tidy up' a few cows once or twice a year, and where cows may need the odd visit in between these times for treatments. We can work to each farms/herds individual needs.





Mobility Scoring


Bull nose ringing

Concrete Grooving


Hoof Trimming Supplies

Concrete cutting

Freeze Branding (numbers)